3 Blog Posts about Video Project #2 – 3

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This was my first team project in University. It make me to feel many thing and also learn many things. I am glad that I chose this class, because it was reaaly fun for me. This kind of class was very fresh for me, and it help me to feel pleasure about editing videos. I want to recomend this class to my friends, and I will.


3 Blog Posts about Video Project #2 – 2

This was NG because we took a film too far from actors so the voices were too small. And Antonio make mistake.hahaha

While I make this video with other people, I learned so many things. From discusing to filming, it was too hard, but fun works to do. Sometimes, I was so tired and irritated when our opinion doesn’t get into one. But while I tried to listen other’s opinion more, and accepted their opionions, I learn many thing. I learned patience and how to persuade others. And after discussing about topic, we tried to memorize the scripts and act well. I was Atille who is Shylock’s friend at the play. Acting was really hard thing to do. When I took the very first scene, I was too nervous to pronounce well. My head get white and i couln’t remember anything. So I made some NG..LOL.. But I think everyone was same as me because they made NG either. And express the charactor’s feeling was hear similar with memorizing. It was absolutely desolate situation for me. I tried best I could do at that time, but when I watch video now, I think I didn’t express the feeling of Atille well. Also I edit the video. During this process I was extremely fun. Editing videos pleases me and if i have one more chance to edite, I want to edite more carefully.